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Intro to Virtual Filmmaking in Unreal Engine 4

Course Details

Course Level: Beginner Engine Version: 4.26 The quickest way to jump into Unreal Engine Filmmaking as a complete beginner. This course was designed to be compact and easily digestible so you don't need to sit through hours of content to find the information you need! In this course, I'll take you through the introductory steps to start creating your own virtual productions within Unreal Engine. Course Breakdown: 1. Intro to Virtual Production - General overview of the course. 2. Finding Your Assets - The best places to find assets for your project. 3. Building Your Virtual Camera - Building a physical virtual camera rig using a VR system. 4. Setting Up Your Camera in Unreal - Tracking your vcam in realtime using blueprints. 5. Intro to Cameras - Insight into the camera settings / options available. 6. Intro to Sequencer - Basic keyframing in sequencer & importing animation clips. 7. Intro to Lighting - Insight into the lighting settings / options available. 8. Filming with Take Recorder - Baking the recorded motion of your virtual camera. 9. Rendering Your Scene - The settings required to render your shot. 10. Your Project - A small task to test your skills. This course was created for Unreal Engine 4.26, however the information provided in this course can be transferred to newer versions of the engine.




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